American Baha'i: Feast Packets for Kids

Mary Trainor is one of our most actively involved collaborators at Mine Rich in Gems.  She and her small Feast Team for the community of Cambridge, MA - came up with some very interesting ideas to help connect the children and junior youth there to the Baha'i calendar and community:  to give the children a gift - a "feast packet" with a letter, prayer card, a special wall hanging calendar and a copy of the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids - each Baha'i month. 

Lots of friends in the community gathered at the beginning of the school year and prepared 6 months of personalized envelopes for10 Bahai months.  There are 20 issues for the year (19 months plus a special Ayyam-i-Há issue).  Soon they will gather again to stuff envelopes for the next 10 months - the next 10 feast packets. Click here to download:

"Ours is an effort to increase the children's understanding of Feast"  - says Mary. The committee hand delivers (home visits!) the packets to all families with kids. The parents are liking this. And they like how some packets have easier reading materials from the Feast Pages for Kids workbooks - depending on their age. 

The American Baha'i December 2019 page 18 Feast Packets featuring Feast Pages for Kids and a special wall calendar

Easier:  Simpler word games, coloring pages

More difficult:  more advanced word games, longer reading stories (volume 2 Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb)

For all:  Arts and Crafts, Snack Art, Music and the Fund

See the article in the latest issue (December 2019) of the American Baha'i page 18.  The American Baha’i Magazine is a national bimonthly magazine coversing significant developments in the U.S. Baha’i community. The digital edition is available free as an iOS app. Android version coming soon.

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