Feast Committee Prepares Gifts for All Children and JY In their Community

A Baha'i community's Feast Committee is working hard to help ensure that Baha'i identity is developed with the children and junior youth in their community. The 2-woman team is taking individual initiative to prepare monthly "Feast Packets" for their current 8 children and junior youth, starting in August 2019. 

Feast Packet for Children and Junior Youth from their Feast CommitteeEach white envelope will be hand-decorated with designs and flowers and personalized for each child. Within each envelope will be: 

  1. a handwritten letter to each child, such as "Dear Cherished Mary, We are so happy to share that the Feast is coming. Please accept this special gift to you..."
  2. personalized small homemade fund envelopes
  3. a special mini clothes pin to the current month on the calendar
  4. and a "19 Day Feast Pages for Kids" workbook (or for non readers, a selection of easier activities from the workbook). 
  • a special Baha'i calendar wall hanging will be given to each family to hang on the wall.
  • Every 3-5 Baha'i months we will ask the parents how it is going and ask for feedback. 

These envelopes will be delivered by hand to each home, to the parents, and the child(ren), so that "Mary" can receive something so beautiful, so loving, so personalized from her Feast Committee. Perhaps other Feast Committees and Assemblies will see some inspiration in these creative plans!

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