Gift Prayer Book Children's Class Grade 1 for Naw-Rúz

"Happy the one who entereth upon the first day of the month of Bahá, the day which God hath consecrated to this Great Name…"  —Bahá’u’lláh

Happy Naw-Rúz to you and your family and friends and happy month of Bahá or Splendor.  We hope you are healthy and full of love. 

For our third year we are scaling back. We need the time to catch up on producing 10 more books in the pipeline coming soon in the next few months. But we wanted to make sure we brought something useful for you!

"This day, verily, is the crown of all the months and the source thereof, the day on which the breath of life is wafted over all created things." —Bahá’u’lláh

As we take deep relaxing breaths, we are dedicating our next 20 e-newsletters of the New Year 177 BE to sharing materials about or from 'Abdu'l-Bahá and in support of Ruhi Book 3 "Teaching Children's Classes" Grade 1.  (Have you already signed up for our e-newsletter? )

 Ruhi Book 3 Teaching Children's Classes Grade 1 Prayers Prayer Book

For the first month, Bahá/Splendor, we offer a complimentary gift - the 9 prayers from Grade 1 to fit into a 4x6" or 5x7" mini photo album (available at many stores or can be hand-made).  The mini photo albums make sturdy, small-sized booklets and are perfect for the small hands of children. 

  1. Begin by printing out the prayers and some pictures. You can use our simple pdf here in our shop. 
  2. Cut each page in quarters.
  3. Let the children color and decorate all the images over time. There are a lot of images. 
  4. Inserting the pages can be tricky but it is good practice for focusing. Luckily, it’s easy to shift the pages and change them around. Begin by inserting the prayer book cover image into the front cover pocket (if there is one) or the inside cover. Insert the ’meaning of prayer' page next.  
  5. Now it’s time to insert the 9 prayers in order with their coloring picture. Two longer prayers need an extra page. There are 14 images and two blank spaces, which can be inserted next to the prayers according to your child’s wishes.

Voilá... The little prayer book is ready for prayers!

"Great is the blessedness of him who greeteth it with radiance and joy. We testify that he is, in truth, among those who are blissful." —Bahá’u’lláh

Watch this video on how to decorate the photo albums. The children can use their homemade prayer books at their children's class, at home, at home visits (they could even give them as a gift) - wherever they go. 

We would like to share our forty 14+ page "19 Day Feast Pages for Kids" workbooks. It only took 2 years - one for each Bahá'í month plus the special Ayyám-i-Há issues.  There are two Month 1 Bahá (Splendor) issues you can download... You can download them (watch this video about how to download the Feast pages) or order the printed versions. Lots of complimentary sample materials, too. 

Come and join us today! We're having an event on FB at 2pm central time about how to use the Feast Pages. Please join us. We plan to have more of these. 

May your Fast end with love and inspiration for continued happy service to your family, neighbors and larger community in the new Year. Wishing you a wonderful, splendiforous Naw-Rúz!

With love,
Mine Rich in Gems 
Lili, Wei, Kati and Christi

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