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A friend in India wrote: 

"I used one of the lessons … for this feast and it worked so well and the children loved it. I took some time off to go and do the activities with them in the feast and for one of the activities, we made it like a skit and presented it. It was very, very useful and every one enjoyed, parents and children. I wanted to ask if you have materials for junior youths as well...I talked with the families, few of them, 3 precisely, and they said that they don't mind paying and getting these materials."

And we have been thinking of ways to include the junior youth.  Here are some ideas.  

  • FEAST COMMITTEES HAND DELIVER GIFTS The Baha'i Feast Committee of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, has been working with their community to provide "Feast Packets" for the children and junior youth - hand delivered (smaller community) every 19 days.  At the beginning of the school year the parents worked together to create 10 months (at a time) of feast packets - with the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids, a special personalized letter, a special wall hanging/Baha'i calendar, in a specially decorated and personalized envelope.  Read more about their article in the American Baha'i. 

  • JY LEAD CLASS Other communities share how their Junior Youth are leading the classes at the 19 Day Feast. Some junior youth and youth can lead the younger children through a Feast class for children using the Feast Pages, Ruhi materials and more. 


  • READ STORIES Both volumes have mini-stories for early readers that Junior Youth can help the younger ones create and read. And Volume 2:  Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb includes stories that the Junior Youth may really be able to follow and share with the younger children. There are more and more wonderful stories to share. You can buy the softcover books of these stories and activities here: 

  • CREATE VIDEOS We are building a library of related simple videos of the Lionhearts volume here: Perhaps these can support and inspire junior youth to make their own story videos of the heroines and heroes of the Faith. 

  • PERFORM SKITS Love how you shared the children doing skits - perhaps the Junior Youth can lead this, and even revise the Gems Kids Talk to be more specific about the reality they see in their own lives. They could perform and share the videos and their new skits with us and their LSA and NSA if they would like - and we could share this with other communities. :) 
  • AYYÁM-I-HÁ Our Ayyám-i-Há issue for Volume 1 (Introduction to the Baha'i Months and Holy Days) is pretty big - full of lots of activities - that may be suitable also for Junior Youth - they could help prepare for the class. Loving how the junior youth make such amazing teachers!

Do you have others? Please share in the comments below. Thanks!

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