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Ridván letter 2018, paragraphs 11 and 12

As we come to the end of reading and first study of this Ridván letter 2018 with my family, we are bright with hope and visions of things to do in the upcoming year and the Bicentennial of the Birth of The Báb.

First thing of this small paragraph was the vocabulary: heroines, heroes, ventures, lionhearts, fearlessness, summoned, vanguard, movement, aim, transformation of the world, consecration, and detachment from all save God. The second thing that struck us was the call of youth to action.

What can we do to serve the youth?

There are six cycles until the next bicentenary and we want to charge into action. We are impressed to dedicate time and energy into an additional “pages.” The name that jumped out to us was, Ventures of the Lionhearts, Heroines and Heroes of the Time of The Báb.

How about sharing your thoughts?


Auntie Lili

-- Love,

Auntie Lili


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  • Allah’u’abha Lili, a friend shared your website with me right before feast and thank goodness your feast activity booklet was a success everyone loved it even the adults, and I read your post above and it’s a great great idea!!!!! Our cluster is having a “Youth Summit” to focus on youth outreach and conversations and the title of the gathering is “Lionheart Youth Summit: Youth Summoned to the Vanguard once again”. Super exciting that you’ve shared your thoughts on your page and love love the name you thought of!!! Mahalo so much for your service to creating this website!!!

    Treva, O'ahu Cluster ATC

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