Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb

In honor of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Báb we offer stories of some of the 20,000+ fearless champions that sacrificed for God and The Báb. The Universal House of Justice calls these souls lionhearts. This year, we call our stories: Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb.

"The months ahead will also be a time for calling to mind the lives of the Báb’s intrepid followers—heroines and heroes whose faith was expressed in matchless, sacrificial acts that will forever adorn the annals of the Cause. Their qualities of fearlessness, consecration, and detachment from all save God impress themselves upon everyone who learns of their ventures. How striking, too, is the young age at which so many of those lionhearts made their indelible mark on history. During the coming period, may their example give courage to the entire company of the faithful—not least to the youth, who are once more summoned to the vanguard of a movement aimed at nothing less than the transformation of the world.”
- Ridván 2018

A Full Year of Stories

The Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb workbooks will be released, one at a time, every 19 days about 10 days before each Feast day plus a special edition for Ayyám-i-Há. 

1. Bahá (Splendor): Shaykh Ahmad and the Secret
2. Jalál (Glory): Trials of Siyyid Kázim
3. Jamál (Beauty): The Rose ~ Khadíjih-Bagum
4. 'Azamat (Grandeur): Mulla Husayn meets the Báb
5. Núr (Light): Letters of the Living
6. Rahmat (Mercy): First Martyr ~ Mulla Ali
7. Kalimát (Words): Rough Seas ~ Pilgrimage
8. Kamál (Perfection): Theft of the Saddlebags
9. Asmá' (Names): The Station of Quddús
10. 'Izzat (Might): Táhirih
11. Mashíyyat (Will): Mulla Sádiq
12. 'Ilm (Knowledge): The Ablution Bowl
13. Qudrat (Power): The Huge Turban
14. Qawl (Speech): Sifter of Wheat
15. Masá'il (Questions): Tea & Sugar ~ Mullá Husayn
16. Sharaf (Honour): The Conference of Badasht
17. Sultán (Sovereignty): Fort Tabarsí
18. Mulk (Dominion): Courageous & Fearless
19. Ayyám-i-Há (The Days of Há): The Prison Castle ~ Chihríq
20. 'Alá' (Loftiness): The Báb & Anis at Tabriz
21. Bonus: The Snow White Bird
22. Bonus: Hujjat Family

    Stories to Inspire Love and Dedication Today

    In the Lionheart stories we will look at choices and selfless actions taken by these heroic souls. The Lionhearts gave a message of light in the darkness of prejudice and ignorance growing throughout Persia. They suffered and sacrificed for future generations, desiring with all their hearts to bring about the Age that The Báb promised: A peaceful era of good-will, and a better understanding of the spiritual mission of humankind on the earth.

    The Lionhearts did the acts of service that were necessary for those early days of the Faith. They were not blindly acting. They knew it would take generations of effort to bring about a new world. Now is our time to arise for the betterment of the world, and future generations. 

    1. What lionheart acts are asked of us today?
    2. What noble qualities will we need?
    3. What sacrifices can we make to meet these goals?
    4. How will we spend the precious days of our lives?

    Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb Mine Rich in Gems Baha'i Inspired Creations

    Nine Part Downloadable Workbooks

    1. Questions about the Holy Writings
    2. A Story of the Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb
    3. Gems Kids Talk - a related dialogue and skit
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    7. A Healthy Snack activity
    8. Suggested Music (Soon partnering with online radio featuring family friendly content including 300+ Bahá'í artists.)
    9. Inspiration about the Bahá'í Fund


    • Dear Niamh! Thank you so much for your question – it really helps all of us to help make things more clear! We recommend the Volume 1 now because it is complete and available in both paperback printed full-color versions and downloadable versions. In a few months we will have Volume 2 with the stories of the Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb complete and available in printed full-color paperback workbooks and in downloadable form. We’re thinking that most economical, colorful, convenient may be the 5 paperback workbooks for the year:

      So glad you messaged!

      Mine Rich in Gems
    • Hi I wonder if u could recommend a program for my children to help with Bahá’í identity and history. I wonder about buying the entire lion hearts series? Or the feast page volume? Whatever you think would be most valuable and economical too. Please if u could send a link. I get a little overwhelmed by choice on the website!

      Niamh Gallagher

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