Music Ideas

We want to learn the Hidden Words and music helps us so much. (Look what Dan Huag has done for this, and what so many other friends have done!) 

We were trying to figure out how to take the Holy Writings and set them to musical tunes. And how to teach children and youth to do this. 

We thought of taking the desired Holy Writings one would want to learn and combining them (systematically) with popular songs that are catchy.  I so appreciate what Colby Jeffers has done to rewrite an album (called Lit) worth of popular Rap songs with his Bahá'í inspired lyrics. 

So on one stack of slips of paper/notecards - each child would write the name of a song they like. 

On the next stack of (color coded?) notecards - each child would write out a Holy Writing passage that they love. 

Then, in small teams (of 2, dyads, or 3 triads or 4, uh, larger groupings) the teams would choose one song and one Holy Writing. Then they had an amount of time, say 10 minutes, to put the Holy Writings into the song structure and memorize the new song. 

I did this in 1993 while on a long boat ride - to help remember the prayer from Bahá'u'lláh that starts, "Create in me a pure heart, O my God, and renew a tranquil conscious within me O my Hope." And I used a similar melody of a popular tv show theme song that came to mind. It helped to memorize the words then and even today. 

Another way, is to create a new melody and tune.  A friend posted this favorite quotation one day: 

And another friend lovingly accepted the challenge to help create a song. 

Here is the song that was created on the same day: 

(with many of us singing it at a recent study of the 2012 Social Action document, the collaboration of two friends creating a beautiful song is inspiring). 

How do you teach the Holy Writings and Concepts and Stories through music, I wonder?



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