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We've been thinking (again)

My sister, Kati, she loves working with Excel.  I asked her about creating a planning page for those wishing to plan home visits to the children and junior youth in their children's classes and junior youth groups - and you will want to see this.


First, I had a wonderful conversation with a Bahá'í friend in Massachusetts who was so enthusiastic about delivering a gift to each Bahá'í child and junior youth in her community - a personal gift from the Feast Committee or the Registered Group or LSA. Personal with their name written on it and hand delivered to the child and their family. 

What an impression that would make!

She asked us how to help. We are working hard on making it more seamless to order, print and receive copies of the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbooks in time for each 19 Day Feast.

  1. One way is to download when they on our site (we're getting them up on our site about 9-10 days before each new month and are hoping to speed up our process to get them out earlier), then print them at your favorite printers. Staples has an online presence but I'm finding their prices are pretty high for a color printed, back to back (both sides) and stapled it's about $10 for about 16-20 pages. That's a lot. If printed in Black and White the price is much lower. And other places will charge less than Staples.
  2. Another way is to use our new Lulu Express Print On Demand feature, "Hard Copy - Spiral Bound" available on


The Home Visit Planner helps us to think about who to visit, when they are free, and which teams are free to visit with others. We struggle with this in our community - wanting to visit the children and their parents and siblings every week, and even bring a little reminder of what we are studying to leave with the parents and in the home to help us have meaningful conversations and ask about the aspirations the parents have for the spiritual education of their families and explore those goals together. 

Have a look. We hope it can be helpful. 


Mine Rich in Gems team
Home Visit Planner!




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