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Dear Feast Page friend,

We did the math - to enjoy a full year of full-color Feast Pages for Kids Volume 1 "Introduction to the Bahá'í Months & Holy Days" with our set of printed booklets - the price for each Bahá'í month per child is about US$5. These full-color illustrated "Feast Pages for Kids" will be delivered to your door - and you can personalize them for each child. The booklets can be used for 4 Bahá'í months and then a new booklet can be gifted to the child or junior youth. They can be kept for future reflection and exploration as skills and interests evolve. 


When you download a copy it is anywhere from $1.07 to $2.95 per family plus color printing which can be over $5 per issue.  It is not as economical as ordering the printed copies. Also, it is not as convenient as ordering the workbooks and having them delivered to your door. 

Here, at our 2 year anniversary of creating 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids as a family effort, we are happy to offer these booklets through 3 ways: 

1.  Our website

2.  Amazon

3.  The Bahá'í Bookstore of Australia



However, downloadables have their perks: 

1. If shipping fees are too expensive to where you live it may make more sense to use downloadables

2. If you only want to use certain pages and not the others - this may be more economical and useful

But for the most part - we recommend the -- Now New Full Set of Volume 1 (and soon Volume 2) -- of PRINTED BOOKLETS!  



With love,
The Mine Rich in Gems Team
Lili, Wei, Kati and Christi

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