Update! Revisiting some oldies but goodies and please send a prayer for Auntie Lili

Dear friends, 

Please send a prayer for Auntie Lili

She has not been feeling well these past few weeks and has recently caught a cold.  (This photo was taken several weeks ago)

Auntie Lili by the Fire 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids

We apologize for being late again with the latest Lionhearts Issue

We are trying to do a lot more in the same 19 day period and we're kind of slowing down.  Very sorry.

Meanwhile check out some of our other materials: 

  • We do have a newly updated Mine Rich in Gems activity on our site. If you'd like to see more about that activity click here.
  • Plus we have an older Blessed is the Spot activity page on our site. It can be used to make Blessed is the Spot squares (instead of discs).  We are in the process of updating it also to include round color images to make discs as well and will include that information in an upcoming email to our subscribers Here>> are a few more links to Blessed is the Spot blog entries, videos, etc on our site.
  • Please subscribe for free from our main page on www.minerichingems.com if you're not already! 


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