Working in Teams at the Unit Convention

At our Unit Convention Children's program yesterday we enjoyed some great moments. But one thing I would have done differently is to have worked in teams to help with the inevitable questions and challenges in effectively teaching lessons. 

Luckily there was a youth available to help - and she was able to help a child, working on a pretty intricate origami Lionheart -  go from "I gave up" to "I finished what I started!". That was such a highlight. 

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Happily everyone in the class of 7 - 11 year olds also helped solve problems together - as a team. Children (and adults)  offered to help set up, teach, and come up with ideas for our class as we studied about the unit convention. "Can I help?" "How can I help?". Took a minute to get used to this and then now it's definitely a habit to develop.

In the class we counted our classmates (8) and wrote down their names and ages. Two children volunteered to tell the Registrar. As a team we observed the adults and tried to find the Secretary who we learned is responsible for recording the meeting/gathering/convention. We looked for someone writing down notes. 
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We learned about qualities the believers of each electoral unit (EU) are looking for. We connected those to the qualities of people that inspire us to do better.  And we learned about the book, The Dawn Breakers and how much we can get inspired from the stories of these heroines and heros, the Báb and His followers, the "lionhearts". We shared a story of one of the Dawnbreakers, Tahirih. And while our final presentation to the Delegate and other friends at the unit convention was a little too long, we were a team in our skit and songs. 
Next time, I reflected, I will ask someone else to help co-teach the class so we can benefit from the collaboration well in advance. 


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