While we are needing to protect each other and keep some physical distance, let's socially connect more in safe ways. 

At Mine Rich in Gems we have downloadable packets of educational, interesting fun. Each packet is chock-full of activities to help learn. In Volume 1 we learn about the Baha'i months and Holy Days through short stories, questions, coloring page, a skit between 4 friends (Olinga, Soo, Dorothy and Faizi), word games of many kinds, arts and crafts project, healthy snack art project, and more. Study the Writings through arts and music and fun.  

Each packet has at least 14 pages (some packets have more). Download today and share with your family and neighbors. 

We send you love. 
Lili, Wei, Kati and Christi
in Des Moines (Ankeny), Iowa

P.S. If you would like to suggest new things for us to make we'd love to hear it. We are currently working on a prayer book for Ruhi Book 3 "Teaching Children's Classes" Grade 1 - this year our materials are dedicated to 'Abdu'l-Bahá